Get to know Infinity

Infinity is a textile manufacturer located in Rovereto, in the Trentino Alto Adige area of Italy, brainchild of Cristian Graziotti and Cesare Picollo. The perfect synergy of the two professionals has led to the particular creative offering that distinguishes the company on the market, with great attention to detail and quality. This unique project has, over the years, won the trust of a network of suppliers and collaborators who make the company what it is today.


Research and experimentation with new materials, finishings and unique blends are part of Infinity’s daily work. Our creative process stems from deep knowledge of textiles and weaving and the ability to intercept trends: you need to know the rules in order to break them. This desire to experiment, to find new solutions, is what drives our creativity and generates product lines that are always unique.


Beauty and functionality are two important characteristics of the textiles that come out of Infinity’s R&D laboratories. In fashion, aesthetics is of course fundamental – the product must have pleasing proportions, design and “hand”. A textile transmits feelings in order to attain certain results, and to get there, it’s necessary to put one’s self to the test, accept challenges, and not be afraid of experimentation.

Sometimes, the right solution for the client comes from working together – in fact, making textiles to order is not at all a problem for Infinity. We regularly collaborate with the creative teams of important international brands to make that perfect, unique textile that expresses their vision.


From raw material to finished textile, every step of manufacturing is carefully controlled by our team. Results are guaranteed through attention to traceability, the use of certifications, and quality control throughout the process. All this in respect of deadlines, since here at Infinity we recognize the importance of timing.

Our location is an important inspiration for our company. Infinity is based in Trentino, steeped in mountainous nature that offers creative input and most of all, reminds us of fundamental values like sustainability. In this case, nature contaminates textiles, by prompting research into low-impact solutions but also suggesting unique colours and textures.

In the end, Infinity’s fashionis always original!