Made in Trentino

Production of any type is a creative act that is influenced by the environment in which it takes place. When you’re born in a place with such imposing nature as we are – in Italy’s northern Trentino Alto-Adige region – this is heritage you carry within you, no matter what you’re doing – including when you’re making textiles.

The landscape of the Dolomite mountains, the gurgle of cold streams, the colours of the woods that change with the seasons, the resistance required to survive in this challenging environment… these are elements that become part of our interior patrimony.

Nature is the main font of inspiration for Infinity’s textiles. The company, located in Trentino, finds itself constantly comparing its creative output to the spectacle of nature that surrounds it. This is why sustainability is not just a strategy we’ve adopted but it’s part of our very DNA, of our everyday approach to production, and the value system that is for us the base of our lifestyle. Everything we imagine has to be in harmony with nature, a strong and silent testimony to our work.


Water  reduction

Respect  for the  soil

Circular   economy


Air   quality

Zero   Waste