These are Infinity’s two main collections, which come teeming with new proposals every season. Two collections that might be described as “non-identical twins”: both born from the same focus on quality and on the materials, both the fruit of meticulous refinement, but with two different personalities. What both collections have in common is that they constantly experiment with new blends and finishings, but each draws inspiration from different trends: trends that, in Infinity, cross-pollinate and come together

A woman of elegance, who loves dressing in lighter fabrics that brush the skin and give unique-to-the-touch sensations. The JJMOON collection is designed for brands that want to experiment with new types of comfort and style.

Cupro, silk, viscose, Tencel, micromodal and cotton are the main ingredients. Mixed with skill and shrewd creativity, they allow us to put out a new collection of prized products every season, all defined by fluid hands and beguiling looks.

Is the Infinity brand that ever since 2007 has been putting the company on the map. The Codice textiles have unique structures and consistencies, making for gutsy collections, full of attitude. In this collection, Infinity’s creativity has been pulling in an experimental direction, with trendy finishings and coatings, stretch and superstretch fabrics. They are designed for collections with an androgynous outlook, created by hands that can even make fabrics that look like skin.

And then we have Infinity’s forte: a unique top dyeing technique which the company has been practising and refining for years. If we’re talking about experimentation, CODICE is the collection to do it.


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